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"Everything's great! The staff is really nice and helpful. I think I'm going to love my new assignment this year.""

— Shannon M., OTR/L, IL

"Staffing Options & Solutions provides a great working relationship. The care providers fit in very well with our staff and are knowledgeable.""

— IN Hospital

"I am really enjoying my time here. The staff has been great and very welcoming; I am learning lots fast! Thanks for checking in with me.""

— Amy D., CCC-SLP, NM

"Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance. I truly enjoy working for such a warm, friendly, and dedicated company.""

— Tamara S., CF-SLP, CA

"Everything is going really well. I am really enjoying working, everybody is really nice, and I'm learning lots of new information. The apartment is very nice and I've settled in very well.""

— Jennifer W., PTA, NY

"Things are great! I'm loving Southern California and really enjoying all of the people that I work with at my assignment. Thanks so much for making this my first experience as an SLP.""

— Melissa M., CF-SLP, CA

"I just wanted to thank all of you for 2 great years on your staff! I have been blessed by the time and opportunities you have given to me. You are all very kind and so professional.""

— Lindsay D., CCC-SLP, CAx

"I really appreciate what SOS has done for me, especially in terms of my licensure. That is such a confusing process and SOS made my transition into Illinois smooth. Thank you!""

— Valerie D., CCC-SLP, IL

"Megan is a very strong CFY candidate! We have enjoyed having her in our building this year."

— Illinois School

"I truly appreciate the sincere efforts of the SOS Staff to provide qualified candidates to fill our school based speech language pathology openings."

— Indiana Special Education Co-Op

"Larin was an outstanding SLP. She was responsive, knowledgeable, well liked, friendly, professional, and the best first year Speech Pathologist I've seen in years."

— California School

"Diana is an absolute rare find. She is very independent and thorough. Diana was in a difficult placement and did a SUPERB JOB! Diana is a joy to work with."

— Illinois School

"Thank you for your patience and the outstanding service your employees provided us. In the future if the need arises, we will certainly contact you for assistance."

— Virginia School

"SOS listens to and works with the school division to match the providers to the needs of the division. The service providers have been dedicated and extremely professional. They work well with students, faculty and parents and have delivered quality services to our students."

— Special Education Director, Virginia School

"Great company and great people!" The corporate staff is easily reachable and very responsive. I enjoy being part of their team and hope to be with SOS for many more years!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"Great Company to work for"I have been working at Staffing Options and Solutions (More than 3 years) Caring, professional and always looking out for your best interest.

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"Super Company" Personnel, flexibility, professional, friendly, helpful, understanding... You guys are supportive to the max!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"A great company with a lot invested in their employees" Every employee of SOS I have ever come in contact with is reliable, honest, friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. They are quick to respond to questions, concerns, and are very accessible. They strive to find good placements for their employees, and they share all relevant information that they have and let you decide.

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"SOS is the best "travel" company out there!" I worked for SOS for approximately 9 years. From the beginning, they were supportive, available, and treated me like family. You are in control of your assignments. SOS asks where you want to be located and after interviewing, you decide if that's a good fit. Of course I had a few challenging school placements, but I always felt I could call someone at the office and they would help me come up with solutions/offer support. I had one particularly difficult situation my first year. The owner of the company called me personally on the weekend after a stressful event to check in with me and offer support!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"SOS is the best "travel" company out there!" SOS places their employees in superior housing (in comparison to the 2 other companies I contracted with), paying for furniture and utilities. I've had the opportunity to work/live outside of LA, San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, North Carolina, and Virginia Beach. Those were some of the best 9 years of my life!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"What appealed to me most about SOS initial was the mentor program, which I really felt I needed to be able to grow professionally and meet the challenges of an ever changing job. SOS offered the support of an experienced professional who was accessible to me whenever I had questions and needed answers."

— Joni S. CCC-SLP, LA

"My CFY placement is great, my supervisor is available more often than I could have imagined and the personality match is perfect."

— Nina A., MS, CF-SLP

"I am truly blessed to work for a company that takes such good care of me. Thanks for all you do.""

— Amy L., MS, CCC-SLP, VA

"I can truly say that I am extremely happy to be an employee of SOS. Everyone has been helpful in all transitions. The placement was a perfect fit. I have been happy to go to work unlike in the past. Having worked in school districts directly and through contract work, it is easy to see the benefits of working for a company who is employee driven. SOS is all about keeping their employees happy and satisfied.""

— Nina A., MS, CF-SLP

"We contact SOS first when we need contract help."

— IN Hospital

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Travel Information


If you have a question or concern that isn't fully addressed on our FAQ please call one of our Regional Managers, or send us an email and we can send a personal reply to you.

Contact us if you have a question that is not addressed here!

Travel Questions

  1. What is Travel status/Travel therapy?

    What is Travel status/Travel therapy?

    Travel status is an IRS tax qualification that can make you eligible for tax-free benefits including company paid housing from SOS and other eligible tax deductions, while you are working for us in a Travel eligible position. Travel status compensation structures are financially advantageous to you but you should check with a tax accountant familiar with business Travel status to make sure that you qualify for Travel status and understand all of the rules as well as all of the benefits! A Travel Therapist's/Psychologist’s annual income tax liability should only be calculated by a tax accountant familiar with your situation. To accept Travel status benefits from your employer or to claim Travel expense deductions to which you are not entitled might result in an IRS tax liability or risk an unacceptable tax exposure. Some Travel company's use of a non-accountable compensation plan such as stipends or per diem reimbursements that involve base pay adjustments, can create confusion and potentially adverse financial situations for Travel Therapists/Psychologists.

  2. What makes me eligible for Travel Status with SOS?

    What makes me eligible for Travel Status with SOS?

    If you accept a position that is further away from your legal residence than you can comfortably commute, for a period of less than one year (less than 12 months) you should be eligible for a Travel status compensation plan. This employment status is defined by the federal tax code. If you meet these criteria you are eligible for a range of tax advantages in addition to the benefits that are directly provided to you by SOS on a tax-free basis. You should always consult your accountant to determine if you are eligible for Travel status before accepting a Travel compensation plan.

  3. What are the advantages of working for SOS in a Travel position?

    What are the advantages of working for SOS in a Travel position?

    Wow! There are many! In addition to working for a great company that fully understands the demands placed on you as a school-based professional, we will present you with job opportunities that help you achieve your personal and professional career goals. Because we are a therapist owned company, we can fully support you in the work place. Plus the advantages don’t end with your higher job satisfaction. As a Travel employee with SOS, you receive a higher total compensation package, especially as a new grad. Another big financial advantage is that SOS will guarantee your hours during your work week! NO being "sent home early" or worrying about completing your CF in a timely manner. Finally, it’s a good way to get started in a new area to see if you like both the job and the geographic area. Ask us how you can stay in a position if you fall in love with it!

  4. Why work for SOS instead of another staffing company as a Traveler?

    Why work for SOS instead of another staffing company as a Traveler?

    We're glad you asked! SOS is therapist owned by individuals who have been EXACTLY where you are today! We understand and want to help you make the transition from student to professional or from your current position to being an SOS employee as easy as possible! To do that, we offer a range of practical assistance to help you transition into your new job. In addition, as a therapist owned company, we understand and care about ethical issues, quality care and you as a clinician. We also add stability for our current school-based Therapists/Psychologists by giving them the option to extend their pay over 12 months as well as continuing to pay for health insurance coverage over the summer when they have committed to the next school year position. Ask to talk with our HR Director to get more information about ALL of our great benefits. (Sign-on bonus, company paid housing, licensure and relocation assistance, continuing education, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, company matched 401k and more!)

  5. Can I be a Traveler as a new graduate or as a CF?

    Can I be a Traveler as a new graduate or as a CF?

    SOS works with CFs in school contracts in which you meet the requirements for Travel status. We know that new graduates sometimes struggle to find that first GREAT position. Travel Contracts in the School setting are often the best option available for a new graduate because of the range of caseload choices and higher compensation offered while you also receive the higher level of clinical support that we provide.

  6. Will I be moving to where I accept a position?

    Will I be moving to where I accept a position?

    No, this is not considered a move. It is a temporary stay in the area in which you will be working. Although you may later decide to remain in the area you have selected for a Travel position, you must have and maintain this non-commutable legal residence throughout the time that you claim these Travel status tax benefits and deductions. If you are Travel status eligible, we can provide you with tax-free company paid housing and the position is designated as a Travel position for you. An important note when comparing Travel company compensation packages is that SOS takes the most conservative interpretation of tax liability possible. We have no inflated "effective rates", no penalty clauses, no income payback clauses, and no reduced compensation or benefit clauses in our employment agreement. Your quoted hourly salary from SOS is guaranteed regardless of tax circumstances, so you can quickly and accurately calculate your estimated gross pay as our employee and then apply your specific tax liabilities.

  7. What is the average length of a Travel position?

    What is the average length of a Travel position?

    School positions are usually for the whole school year and are generally renewable each year. But there are some shorter school jobs for just a single semester or for a 6, 8 or 13 week medical leave coverage. Medical coverage positions typically last for three months (13 weeks). If a Travel position will be for a shorter or longer period of time we will let you know that information before you interview for the position.

  8. How long will I be in one place?

    How long will I be in one place?

    A typical school position lasts for the entire school year and is renewable each year. As a Traveler, you must change positions each year or give up Travel status. You can choose to give up Travel status in order to return to the same position for a second year or you can remain in an area on Travel status if another position in the same area is available. You can also return to a position on Travel status after you have been away from it for 6 months or longer. If you give up Travel status in order to stay in a position you will become a Local Contract employee and you may stay in the position for as long as you like.

  9. I am interested in Travel, but would like to talk to one of your current Traveler employees. Is that possible?

    I am interested in Travel, but would like to talk to one of your current Traveler employees. Is that possible?

    Yes, SOS employees love to talk with anyone interested in gathering information about what it is like to take a Travel positions with SOS. Talk with an SOS Regional Manager and we will get that arranged for you.

  10. How can I keep my Travel status year after year working for SOS?

    How can I keep my Travel status year after year working for SOS?

    In order to keep your Travel status, you must be in a specific temporary position for less than 12 months and maintain a permanent residence other than your SOS provided Travel housing. At the end of each school year (or shorter assignment) you may continue your Travel status by selecting a different position for your next job with SOS. The new job can be in the same general geographic area but with a different SOS client/school district or you can move to another geographic area within the state or even move to a different SOS Travel state.

  11. What would happen if I was no longer eligible for Travel status?

    What would happen if I was no longer eligible for Travel status?

    If you remain in the same position for 12 or more months, or return to the same school district for a second year, then you will no longer be eligible for Travel status and SOS will no longer be able to provide you with tax-free housing. You can also lose your Travel status if you establish residency in the area, even if you have not been in the area for a year, or if you marry someone who is a resident in the area in which you are on Travel Status. Should this occur, SOS will change your compensation plan and increase your hourly rate in lieu of your Travel status housing benefit. Consult with a tax accountant in order to maximize your Travel status benefits.

Travel Housing Questions

  1. Will I be responsible for finding my own housing for each of my school positions?

    Will I be responsible for finding my own housing for each of my school positions?

    Not if you don't want to! Unless you choose to do your own housing, SOS will take care of your housing arrangements and expenses for you in full for as long as you are on Travel status in a full time school position. We will secure the apartment, sign the lease and pay the deposit, provide a complete hard furnishings package, pay the utilities and send you directions for how to get to your apartment and where to pick up your keys. We work to make sure your Travel experience is enjoyable and to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. Our system allows you to keep your focus on the job you love.

  2. Is the housing nice and near the assigned facility?

    Is the housing nice and near the assigned facility?

    You will be placed in comfortable, professional housing within close proximity to your assigned job location(s). Sometimes we staff facilities in areas in which there is no housing that meets our standards. In those situations, your housing might be 10-20 miles away in a neighboring community. The distance from your apartment to your work site will vary with each Travel eligible position but you will always have a typical commute for the area in which you are working. You can be as involved in selecting your housing as you choose to be.

  3. What do I need to pack to take on my SOS Travel position?

    What do I need to pack to take on my SOS Travel position?

    SOS will provide your furniture package if you want us to do so. You will only need to bring with you clothing, linens and kitchen supplies such as plates, cookware, etc. and personal items such as your stereo, television, computer, artwork and decorator items. (Most, but not all. of our apartments have microwaves so we will let you know about any other amenities when we know where you will be housed during each Travel position.)

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. Do I have to Travel to work for SOS?

    Do I have to Travel to work for SOS?

    No! SOS holds many contracts in 12 states and may have contract positions "in your back yard". A Local Contract position with SOS allows you to work for us year after year in an ongoing contract. If you do accept a position in a city where you live or if after being in an area for a year you decide that you want to establish residency, you are still our employee. But you are not a Traveler. The difference is that if your workplace is within commute range of your legal residence you would not qualify for “Travel status” and would not be eligible for company paid housing or other Travel status benefits under IRS regulations. You would receive additional pay in lieu of company paid housing and all of your other benefits would remain the same.

  2. Does SOS have positions outside the United States?

    Does SOS have positions outside the United States?

    At this time SOS provides opportunities only within the U.S. in these 12 states: • California • Arizona • Texas • Illinois • Indiana • Ohio • New Jersey • Maryland • Virginia • North Carolina • Georgia • Florida

  3. I am only interested in summer work. Does SOS have summer only positions?

    I am only interested in summer work. Does SOS have summer only positions?

    SOS is dedicated to our current employees. SOS staff who want summer employment will have first selection of our available summer jobs. Any remaining summer opportunities would then be available for non-SOS staff to consider.

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