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"Everything's great! The staff is really nice and helpful. I think I'm going to love my new assignment this year.""

— Shannon M., OTR/L, IL

"Staffing Options & Solutions provides a great working relationship. The care providers fit in very well with our staff and are knowledgeable.""

— IN Hospital

"I am really enjoying my time here. The staff has been great and very welcoming; I am learning lots fast! Thanks for checking in with me.""

— Amy D., CCC-SLP, NM

"Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance. I truly enjoy working for such a warm, friendly, and dedicated company.""

— Tamara S., CF-SLP, CA

"Everything is going really well. I am really enjoying working, everybody is really nice, and I'm learning lots of new information. The apartment is very nice and I've settled in very well.""

— Jennifer W., PTA, NY

"Things are great! I'm loving Southern California and really enjoying all of the people that I work with at my assignment. Thanks so much for making this my first experience as an SLP.""

— Melissa M., CF-SLP, CA

"I just wanted to thank all of you for 2 great years on your staff! I have been blessed by the time and opportunities you have given to me. You are all very kind and so professional.""

— Lindsay D., CCC-SLP, CAx

"I really appreciate what SOS has done for me, especially in terms of my licensure. That is such a confusing process and SOS made my transition into Illinois smooth. Thank you!""

— Valerie D., CCC-SLP, IL

"Megan is a very strong CFY candidate! We have enjoyed having her in our building this year."

— Illinois School

"I truly appreciate the sincere efforts of the SOS Staff to provide qualified candidates to fill our school based speech language pathology openings."

— Indiana Special Education Co-Op

"Larin was an outstanding SLP. She was responsive, knowledgeable, well liked, friendly, professional, and the best first year Speech Pathologist I've seen in years."

— California School

"Diana is an absolute rare find. She is very independent and thorough. Diana was in a difficult placement and did a SUPERB JOB! Diana is a joy to work with."

— Illinois School

"Thank you for your patience and the outstanding service your employees provided us. In the future if the need arises, we will certainly contact you for assistance."

— Virginia School

"SOS listens to and works with the school division to match the providers to the needs of the division. The service providers have been dedicated and extremely professional. They work well with students, faculty and parents and have delivered quality services to our students."

— Special Education Director, Virginia School

"Great company and great people!" The corporate staff is easily reachable and very responsive. I enjoy being part of their team and hope to be with SOS for many more years!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"Great Company to work for"I have been working at Staffing Options and Solutions (More than 3 years) Caring, professional and always looking out for your best interest.

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"Super Company" Personnel, flexibility, professional, friendly, helpful, understanding... You guys are supportive to the max!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"A great company with a lot invested in their employees" Every employee of SOS I have ever come in contact with is reliable, honest, friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. They are quick to respond to questions, concerns, and are very accessible. They strive to find good placements for their employees, and they share all relevant information that they have and let you decide.

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"SOS is the best "travel" company out there!" I worked for SOS for approximately 9 years. From the beginning, they were supportive, available, and treated me like family. You are in control of your assignments. SOS asks where you want to be located and after interviewing, you decide if that's a good fit. Of course I had a few challenging school placements, but I always felt I could call someone at the office and they would help me come up with solutions/offer support. I had one particularly difficult situation my first year. The owner of the company called me personally on the weekend after a stressful event to check in with me and offer support!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"SOS is the best "travel" company out there!" SOS places their employees in superior housing (in comparison to the 2 other companies I contracted with), paying for furniture and utilities. I've had the opportunity to work/live outside of LA, San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, North Carolina, and Virginia Beach. Those were some of the best 9 years of my life!

— Anonymous GlassDoor 5 Star Rating

"What appealed to me most about SOS initial was the mentor program, which I really felt I needed to be able to grow professionally and meet the challenges of an ever changing job. SOS offered the support of an experienced professional who was accessible to me whenever I had questions and needed answers."

— Joni S. CCC-SLP, LA

"My CFY placement is great, my supervisor is available more often than I could have imagined and the personality match is perfect."

— Nina A., MS, CF-SLP

"I am truly blessed to work for a company that takes such good care of me. Thanks for all you do.""

— Amy L., MS, CCC-SLP, VA

"I can truly say that I am extremely happy to be an employee of SOS. Everyone has been helpful in all transitions. The placement was a perfect fit. I have been happy to go to work unlike in the past. Having worked in school districts directly and through contract work, it is easy to see the benefits of working for a company who is employee driven. SOS is all about keeping their employees happy and satisfied.""

— Nina A., MS, CF-SLP

"We contact SOS first when we need contract help."

— IN Hospital

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Our Referral Program Referrals are the best source of talent we know! Send us your connections today, and know that your colleague will be working for a company who cares about its employees and the children we serve.

  • When a qualified full time referral is hired, you earn $1500 (after 30 days of starting)
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit
  • You can submit your connections to any job or any special education brand with us

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Transitioning from student to professional, from one state to another or from one clinical setting to another can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Our team will help you find the perfect job fit and help you navigate through the license process to successfully establish yourself in your new position.

We have school-based openings in the following states (click on a state for the local contact person or to email us directly to find out more)

If your state of interest is not listed, please contact us directly. Through our family of special education brands we can now place you in over 22 states!

Employment Structure:

SOS directly employs our staff to work in the facilities of our clients who contract services, usually for a specific need and for a specific period of time. We do not utilize 1099 Independent Contractor agreements.

You can interview with SOS in any of our positions without being committed to accept a position for which you interview. We work to make sure you are completely comfortable with us prior to accepting your new position with us.

The majority of SOS staff is in local school positions. Local and Travel jobs are actually the same jobs, but are categorized differently based on your qualifying characteristics. The two designations are used to distinguish between the two compensation packages we can offer based on the location of your place of employment in relation to your legal residence. If you accept a position that is further away from your legal residence than you can comfortably commute, then we can provide you with tax-free company paid housing and the position is designated as a Travel position. This employment status is defined by the federal tax code - see our Travel Information page for more information.

Clinical Settings:

As an SOS employee you will work primarily in schools, your assignment would be for a school-year or longer! We do offer some short-term, part-time and PRN in select locations.

SOS is part of The Stepping Stones Group offering you a team of clinical leaders who will always put your professional interests first. We understand the unique needs you have as an educational professional and are committed to helping you to successfully launch your career.

We frequently speak to graduating therapists regarding their employment search process and the employment climate they will encounter after graduation. Through our University Partners Program, we can schedule to come to your campus and host a luncheon or meeting!

See our FAQ page for more information. This link doesn’t work please fix it

SOS Employee Salary and Benefits:

We evaluate our compensation package on an ongoing basis to make sure that our salaries are among the highest available in each market. Your hourly rate can vary based on the geographic area, cost of living, clinical setting, etc. We are currently offering Masters and Doctorate level new graduates employees who sign a school year employment agreement, a one-time sign-on bonus, including CF-SLPs.

We offer great compensation and plans such as:

  • Foundations for Success Mentoring Program (not just for new grads)
  • Explore the country with our nationwide travel assignments (guaranteed contracts, guaranteed hours in amazing locations)
  • Student Loan Repayment Plans
  • OPT/H1B Sponsorship *for select locations
  • Clinical Support - where and when you need it the most!
  • Comprehensive Benefits (dental, vision, health, prescription)
  • A Leadership Team, who is constantly looking out for you
  • CEU courses through our portal offered at not cost to you — All year long!
  • Relocation expenses up to $500 per assignment
  • And more!

Permanent Placement Services:

SOS also works with a limited number of clients for Permanent Placement services each year, primarily in the states in which we do not offer contract services. If you interview for a Permanent Placement job, you will be employed by the client instead of by SOS. The important thing to know about SOS's permanent placement division is that we are a licensed private employment agency and that you will never be charged a fee or otherwise penalized for seeking employment through our agency. Your benefits and compensation plan for a Perm position will be determined by the client employer, not by SOS. Contact us for more information regarding Perm Placement.

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